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Not All Storage Services Are Created Equal

[qi:020] Not a day passes without someone announcing that they have launched a new online storage service — and declaring that it has the prettiest interface and the niftiest features out there. Buyers beware, for all of these services come with a cost, and offer varying levels of reliability.

The folks at Pingdom spent about three months tracking sixteen storage offerings. Some of them were unfamiliar to us, though according to web data tracker Alexa, popular. I wish they had included some of the more well-known storage offerings such as X-Drive, and .Mac storage. Anyway, their findings pretty much confirm what we all know deep in our hearts: you get what you pay for.

…the availability of these services vary enormously. The service with the worst uptime has 796 times more downtime than the service with the least downtime.

The worst of them all is a service called Mytempdir, which, according to their availability data, redefines the meaning of “temp.” The best of the bunch: mailbigfile. Less than 5 minutes of downtime over a three-month period. That’s almost as good as my BingoDisk service from Joyent.

What storage service do you use and why?

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14 Responses to “Not All Storage Services Are Created Equal”

  1. Our company’s product, which doesn’t feature online storage, allows you to transfer all of your files and folders from one PC to another. You can therefore easily share stuff with others, and bypass this whole uploading to an online service deal. The advantage is that you don’t have to pay and it’s easy to backup all of your important files and folders on another machine. The disadvantage is that if both PC’s were to get stolen, you lose your data!


  2. I use .MAC. I use it to back up my address book, bookmarks, email and an occasional file. I also enjoy the benefit of how nicely it plays with all my iLife apps. It hosts the best photo galleries that are created and uploaded in a snap! I could go on and on about Apple, but I’ll stop myself there.

  3. I use a fairly new service called Yuntaa, an online storage, sharing and collaboration service.

    Tried it out when I first blogged about their launch and get used to it rather quickly, although I would argue they havent been around long enough to judge uptime vs downtime