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Incase iPhone Protective Cover Replacement

Incase Protective Cover I bought several cases for my iPhone when I got it (on June 29th) and one of my favorites was the Incase Protective Cover which is like a neoprene glove for my iPhone.

Unfortunately, soon after getting the case, it started stretching and now my iPhone will barely fit inside. I called up Incase and it turns out they had a bad batch of rubber.

If you have a back protective cover that’s stretched too much to carry your iPhone snugly, fill out a warranty form and they’ll send you a new one.

P.S. In the meantime I’ve been using a Gelz Case I picked up from RadTech. It’s a fraction of the price and I like the design. Unlike the Incase (which is thick), the Gelz is very soft, thin neoprene. I just have the case to prevent scratches and normal wear, so it works great for me.

11 Responses to “Incase iPhone Protective Cover Replacement”

  1. cartersmith

    I cannot comment on the silicone rubber stretching as it never comes off my iPhone. It did survive a trip stuck to the roof of my rental car, as well as a tumble down a flight of wooden stairs. Highly recommended.

  2. My incase rubber cover totally scratched up my phone as well! Not very happy at all. My $400 phone looks like its 3 years old. Thanks for the info on the replacement though. I guess I’ll use it until it stretches too, maybe I can get more than 2 months out of it…

  3. I just got my replacement case and it’s working well so far… only time will tell if it’s also a dud but I’m betting it was a one-time incident. Their customer service was very helpful and quick to rectify the problem… props to Incase.

  4. I also have had a bad experience with the Incase cover. It started to stretch almost immediately, and within 3-4 weeks was worthless. Unfortunately, I left it on the phone while it was stretching, and now my brand new iPhone is severly scratched on the sides and back. Incase has not responded to a polite complaint I submitted on their website. If “bad rubber” is indeed the culprit, I guess I’ll try for a replacement. But that won’t fix my suddenly ugly phone. The Incase package does recommend periodic cleaning to get dust and particles out, but the catch is that the very act of removing the case accelerates the stretching process. Very disappointed.

  5. I bought the same case (in red) when I bought my iPhone. I had the same problem — it stretched more and more. I also noticed dirt getting inbetween the back of the case and my iPhone.

    Then I decided to try my iPhone without a case for a week, and decided I loved it way more without a case. It was so much easier to slip in and out of the pocket, and unlike many plastic phones, the iPhone didn’t scratch easily.

  6. The Gelz case is silicone, not neoprene. But I had the opposite problem from yours–I got a pack of Gelz and after putting them on for the first time they all stretched and looked awful. The bottom part covering the menu button is all distended. I love my InCase, though (guess I didn’t get one from the bad batch).