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BSNL Denied Entry Into Mumbai, Delhi; Merger With MTNL Stalled

BSNL is being denied entry into the lucrative Delhi and Mumbai markets by the Indian government – it’s not being given a Universal Access Services Licence (UASL), and the merger with the other public sector telecom operator MTNL appears to have been stalled. MTNL operates in Delhi and Mumbai, and there have been talks of a merger between the two telcos; BSNL, which currently has the mandate to operate in the rest of the country is the larger of the two telcos with a 28.06 percent of the Indian telecom market. Options for the restructuring have been recommended by a consortium of consultants led by ICICI Securities, but the government has decided to put the merger on hold. So either way, BSNL loses.

2 Responses to “BSNL Denied Entry Into Mumbai, Delhi; Merger With MTNL Stalled”

  1. BSNL should come to Delhi and Mumbai. The quality of its services like Broadband is much better than MTNL. Residents of the two metros are suffering(like me) due to the monopoly of MTNL there.

  2. Dear ,

    i need some information regarding BSNL. Actually i recently came to delhi before that i was in Andhrapradesh. There i used BSNL SIM and i am not getting BSNL SIM in delhi. Now my problem is i want to divert all my calls from BSNL to BSNL. But here MTNL is available instead of BSNL. Please suggest me how can i divert my calls and is there a chance to MTNL

    thanks &regards;Neelu