From the Evils of Ethanol Department

We’ve written about how the current corn-based ethanol industry is unsustainable. And we particularly enjoyed reading this rant from Juliette Anthony, environmental research consultant and activist, on how ethanol will place a burden on California’s water resources, air quality, and the price of food. She says:

If all the vehicles in California operated on E85 [the policy of the Governor and Legislature], the ethanol required would consume 70 percent of the entire U.S. corn crop, but only 13.6 percent of the energy in the fuel would be renewable because of the heavy use of fossil fuel. — Juliette Anthony

She goes on to make a lot of good points, yet, unfortunately Anthony seems to write off liquid biofuels altogether, advocating instead for investing in solar panels for plug-in vehicles that are placed on the top, open-air layer of parking garages. The current biofuel industry might need some serious technology and efficiency upgrades, but solar panels connected to plug-ins isn’t anywhere close to an economical, mainstream technology that could make up for a biofuel shortfall anytime soon.


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