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Coffee Break – Order Starbucks at Starbucks using WiFi at Starbucks

Coffee_man_2Thank goodness the "purchase iTunes on iPhone at Starbucks" plan hasn’t kicked in yet or this post title would have ran off the page. I’m frothing with envy at my friends across the pond: Gizmodo reports that U.K. Starbucks customers can sit on their rump and place a coffee order online via the Starbucks WiFi. Apparently, the order placement is available at the first WiFi logon page; just silently choose your poison and have it delivered to you while you surf the day away. It would be nice if you could pay online also, but I don’t see the details for payment. Still, you can potentially bypass the line and get a personal coffee delivery, making you look like the VIP you want to be thanks to mobile tech. Not bad although moving around Starbucks was the exercise used to burn off the umpteen-thousand calories of my White Chocolate Mocha Latte. Now what do I do?

5 Responses to “Coffee Break – Order Starbucks at Starbucks using WiFi at Starbucks”

  1. Lorie Ghamy

    Hello Dears,

    In Paris, the town council gave us 216 free WiFi hot-spots. This number will be 410 at the end of September…

    And we got free bicycle service “Velib”…

    Two great success !

  2. I commented at Gizmodo that this is great for us mobile PC users who can stand at the end of the line, pull out our computers, log on, order, and have our drinks ready by the time we reach the front of the line to pay.