WSJ And Ramp Up Digital Ad Moves To Better Balance Revenue From Subs

Whether or not‘s (NYSE: DJ) business model remains subscription-based or is set free, revenue from advertising is becoming more crucial. The same is true for another financial news site that tends to rely heavily on subs, (NSDQ: TSCM), ClickZ points out. While online publications are continually seeking out new ways to buttress their revenues, the stepped-up digital ad moves by and can be seen as a way of softening the ebb and flow inherent in subscriptions cycles while taking advantage of the boom in online ads. That boom is what might lead Rupert Murdoch to open more or all of

Both online vets have broadened coverage to include more news on entrepreneurs in a bid to attract a wider array of advertisers. has gone farther to diversify its coverage of political issues, travel and real estate news. Each also has made other recent moves to strengthen ad sales or increase revenue. Last week, WSJ combined its digital and print ad sales forces and, last month, TheStreet announced it was buying online marketing company Corsis for $20.7 million.