Privacy Be Damned, Mumbai Cybercafes To Log Keystrokes


This seems remarkably well thought out…not! The Mumbai Police intends to install key-logging software at 500 cyber cafes across the city, and logs of keystrokes will be sent automatically to the police, reports Mid Day [via silklist]. The software they’re in talks for procuring logs browsing, file transfers, news, chats, messaging and emails, including encoded attachments.

As it is, all cybercafe users are required to log details like address and phone number, and give ID proof before access the net at cybercafes. If word gets around that keystrokes are being logged, then it would seriously affect cybercafe usage, and hence the business. Who would enter their credit card details while shopping online, or log into netbanking accounts, knowing that their username and passwords are being logged? Such software isn’t called “spyware” for no reason. Mumbai Police was earlier in the news for asking Google to share user details.



This is really an enlightened step! Collect everyone's acoount details, and then they can really keep an eye!!
Welcome to the Soviet Union, circa 1968

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