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Major Labels Trying News Sales Pack Gimmick: Singles Plus Ringtones Equal 'Ringle'

Coming this fall from the major labels: the “ringle” — explained by Billboard as a combo of singles and ringtones delivered on CD for suggested retail of $5.98-6.98. Each ringle would come with three songs and one ringtone. According to Billboard’s sources, the idea comes from Sony BMG but has been approved by the RIAA; there’s even an industry logo. Sony BMG is slated to release 50 titles in October and November; UMG will have 10-20. One problem: only Sony has the requisite deal for ringtone redemption from a digital aggregator. Billboard says Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and Amazon are on board but not necessarily for launch.

No digital or mobile equivalent so far; this is supposed to be some kind of CD equivalent to digital downloads of singles.