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Bindass To Launch On September 24th; User Generated Content On

Zarina Mehta, CEO of Bindass has told exchange4media that the website for their TV channel Bindass will have show information, feature stars from the channel, and will be used for creating interactivity for the shows on the channel. An example mentioned is a show called Shakira, which is planned as stories that complete in four episodes. Viewers can choose the ending of the story online. Tribal DDB is helping Bindass with its websites. They have also planned another site called (not loading but registered by GENX Entertainment Ltd), which will have user generated content. There’s a plan to take to the landline, with show hosts called “phone jockeys”. The channel is expected to launch on September 24th. More on the TV initiatives here.

3 Responses to “Bindass To Launch On September 24th; User Generated Content On”

  1. Zee had a series called Aap jo bole toh haan aap jo bole toh naa.. It was hosted by Suhel Seth. Quite pioneering but India is a one TV household country and the woman of the house dictates TV viewing. She has to be involved in interactivity else there is nothing.

    On a different note, I think Nikhil with all due respect to your digital expertise, you have no understanding of the TV business and the content for television. It would be good if you stay away from TV comments

  2. Did they? I don't remember that one, though I have come across some interesting possibilities from a scriptwriter friend. Will check.

    I think Zee has PlayTV, which was started in conjunction with Cellcast (now funded by Canaan).. That's still running, though Cellcast opted out of it a while back.