Video Showdown: Crazy Cats

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Cats and bloggers are a lot alike. Both keep strange hours, play with mice, and — given the right stimulant (catnip, caffeine…) — can stay active for hours on end. It’s no small wonder, then, that feline antics are a mainstay in the blogosphere. From the acrobatics of Annie, to cheezburgers, to kitten vomit, Felis silvestris catus has served the Internet procrastinator well. Now I’m not sure if I should be comforted or scared that we live in a world where a video of a cat pawing a piano gets over five million views, but the fact remains that I don’t even have a cat and I am blogging about other bloggers’ blogs about their cats. Woah, meta.

Enough marveling. Check out these two kitty clips and vote for your favorite.

The Mean Kitty Song

Somewhere in the unwritten rules of blogging it is stipulated that you must, at some point, tell the interwebs about your cat. Ze Frank’s cats make numerous appearances. Kevin Rose’s cat guest stars on Diggnation to maul Alex Albrecht. J Smooth’s cat appears in thumbnails. Here Cory Williams vlogs about his little Sparta’s teething problem.

This is Charley

Meet Charley, the poster kitty for feline cerebellar hypoplasia. Made with travel documentarians from Double Dog Films, Charley’s little biopic plays like a cute PSA.

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Luv Charley. His situation made me cry & luv my Joey Bonkers even more. He’s sew sweet & looks like lots, lots of fun & luv. We will think of him often & will remember this condition as well.
Friends of Sparta,
E & Joey

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