5 Green Cars Coming Out of the Frankfurt Autoshow

Sure we’d love to purchase an all electric car like the Telsa Roadster, but its $98k price tag doesn’t quite fit into a bloggers budget. Lucky for us, automakers around the world are starting to seriously address engine fuel efficiency, and will show off the eco-car trend at the Frankfurt Auto Show next week.

Start is the operative word here, since alongside each brand’s green efforts, gas-guzzling vehicles will still dominate. Auto Insider calls the show “a bit like a Speakeasy in the 1920s,” where the green, responsible cars will line the front and the high-powered CO2 spewers will fill the back.
And even if a lot of the green cars on display are just concept vehicles, we still think they’re neat.

Volvo ReCharge Concept: This plug-in hybrid supposedly gets 66 percent fewer emissions than today’s best hybrid car. Whowza! While this version’s green wheels are a bit much, we’d splurge on such a hybrid if the price was right. David Thomas over at the Kicking Tires blog wonders if the car is for real.

Hyundai Motor i-Blue Concept: Sweet, a fuel cell concept car from the the Korean automaker. It’s a hydrogen-powered, zero-emissions vehicle that uses a third-generation fuel cell under development at Hyundai’s Eco-Technology Research Institute in Mabuk, Korea.

Mitsubishi Concept-cX: Mitsubishi is thinking that a “fuel-efficient SUV” isn’t a complete oxymoron. We’re not so sure. The Concept-cX is supposedly a fuel-efficient small SUV with a split tailgate, twin clutch, diesel engine and low emissions. It also features eco-friendly “Green Plastic” in its design, made from bamboo and other plant resins.

Mercedes-Benz ML 450 Hybrid: On the theme of bigger cars that are trying to be fuel-efficient, Mercedes Benz plans to bring this luxury hybrid to market in 2009. The German automaker is set to showcase a range of hybrid cars at the Frankfurt show, including the F700 research car and the S 300 BLUETEC hybrid.

General Motor’s Opel ecoFLEX models: Opel will show off a series of fuel-efficient cars — AutoblogGreen has the stats.