iPods being liquidated at Costco


Apparently today Costco has various iPods at insanely low prices while they try to liquidate their stock of them.

Here are the supposed deals available:

  • 2GB Nano: $49.97
  • 4GB Pink Nano: $99.97
  • 4GB Silver Nano: $99.97
  • 8GB Black $149.97
  • 30GB White/Black: Unsure
  • 80GB Black/White iPod: $229.97

Head over to your local Costco and see if there are any still available. I can’t imagine they’ll stay around very long at these prices.

Props to my lovely wife for spotting this one.



These are insanley low prices me my two brothers amd my sisters bought ipods


Insanely cheap? Hmmmm, in the Apple Online Store you can get the 80Gb iPod Classic for $249.00. That’s just $20 more than here. Granted, the new iPod Nano with 8Gb is $50 more but but also has a lot more to offer. Somehow I can’t agree with “insanely low prices”.


I checked Costco stores in Tustin, Irvine and Carlsbad, CA and none had any ipod displays out. Most removed them two weeks ago.

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