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If you don’t know that Apple thinks-through every minute detail of the things they do, you haven’t been a fan long enough. Take a long look at the hardware, the software, and the retail stores and your appreciation for the level of thought Apple puts into every thing they do should grow immensely. Then just when you think you’ve got Apple figured-out there’s something right in front of your face that makes you go, “Duh!”

The more I peruse the redesigned the more eye candy I discover. Of course being the [unofficial] Mac Evangelist that I am, I should know better than to call anything Apple does, ‘eye candy’ – almost without fail there is function behind the beautiful form in anything that comes out of Cupertino, CA. is no exception since its redesign not so long ago.

Those of us already rocking OS X may have taken notice (although possibly subconsciously) of the website features that tend to mimic our favorite operating system. But the really ingenius point here is that users who are yet to make The Switch are already being introduced to some of the functionality they’ll find in OS X. There may not be anything earth-shattering, but opening up your first Mac and seeing something familiar in an otherwise foreign operating system can be a very welcome feeling. And that’s really what Apple’s all about, isn’t it?

The coordinated features between the website and the operating system that I’ve noticed thus far can be found in the following two screencasts. (Please note, that there’s not supposed to be audio, it’s just a visual aid.)
So here are the screencasts of the features on, and the similarities in OS X.
But allow me to list the features here anyway:

  • Search – Spotlight functionality is so similar, even the colors match!
  • Product Page and side bars – Hello CoverFlow!
  • Quicktime Trailers – ‘Save’ your view preferences as in iTunes.
  • Icons & Colors – Even the design elements on the website mimic that of OS X.

If you’ve found other functionality on that mimics something in OS X, let us know in the comments.

This coordination between Apple’s products is nothing new of course. Case in point, the [now] Classic iPod and the previous generation of iMac had a very similar appearance, the new iMac design and the iPhone, Apple Retail Store aluminum interior design and Apple’s Pro line of hardware. There are so many parallels between Apple’s products and so much more thought than probably any other tech company that it’s no surprise that they stand out such as they do.

11 Responses to “ Redesign Emulates OS Functionality”

  1. One thing I noticed with redesign is that it was designed to work well with the iphone. The large buttons are great for iphone users. They took away the smaller sub navigation that made it fast to navigate with fewer clicks as a compromise to have larger buttons that work well with the iphone.

  2. My question for you is…who is the Designer and or Creative Director behind the design of Apple’ website?

    When and where this this whole design philosophy start?

    This has been something that has pledged me for quite sometime now.

  3. Yeah now if they only fired the .Mac team and replaced them with whoever is doing the rest of the site. If the site is looking like Leopard, .Mac is still looking like Panther.

  4. Wow. I did not notice that. I’ve always appreciated their attention to detail. Now I do just a little bit more.

    On a side note…YOU WATCH THE OFFICE! Yesh! Show’s amazing.