WeBot Helps You Stream Your Music, Photos To Your iPhone

[qi:031] WeBot, a San Francisco-based digital media startup that was founded by alumni of Shoutcast and AOL Music, has come up with a nifty little solution that allows you to stream MP3 files and your digital photos over the Internet.

We recently met with WeBot CEO David Gottesman and CTO Chris Amen. They gave us a demo of the service, which is currently in limited beta. (If you use registration code “GigaOM” it will get you ahead of the queue.) And, and least in demo mode, it looked pretty darned good.

Less than a year old, and thus far angel-funded, WeBot has build a desktop software that, once installed, turns your computer into a server, allowing you to share and access your music and photos.

You can install the software on any number of computers and it doesn’t matter if they are running Windows (XP, Vista), Mac OS X, or Linux.


You go to the WeBot web site, register, and using a pretty simple interface, link all your computers running the software to your account. From there, all of your music and photos are available via the browser. It is a fairly simple and easy process; you just need to remember two things:

1. What folders you want to share (or stream).
2. The software at present supports only JPEG (for photos) and MP3 (for music), though more formats will be supported in coming months.

It is a clever product that helps aggregate the digital clutter some of us have spread across our various computers. Their iPhone application, in particular, is pretty awesome. It seems like you are actually using the “iPod” part of the iPhone, even though streams are coming via the browser.


The music and photos are streamed over both EDGE and WiFi, though WiFi is clearly superior. This application might be even more useful with the pending launch of iPod Touch, the WiFi-based iPod device.

Let me know what you think of this service. I will get around to playing with it over the weekend, and update the post if I have any further thoughts.


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