iPod shuffle vs. Replacement battery

One of the web sites I write and podcast for involves a fair amount of travel around the Washington DC region. It’s not uncommon to be in the car for eight hours a week traveling to shows. So my wife and I listen to several different podcasts. Unfortunately, my third generation iPod’s battery has finally gotten super weak. We bought a car charger so we can listen while driving, but that is yet another cable to clutter up the front of the car.

So after yesterday’s iPod announcement, here are my options for my limited budget:

  • Deal with the clutter
  • Order a new battery for my iPod and install it myself ($25-$40 depending on vendor)
  • Get a refurbished iPod shuffle ($49)
  • Get a new iPod shuffle ($79)

If you’ve ever replaced your iPod’s battery, I’d love to hear how it went. Or if you use a shuffle to only listen to podcasts, are there any downsides? I’d guess I’d only sync a few podcasts at a time to it. And the related question is how well does iTunes handle having two different iPods syncing?


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