DivX Files Suit Against Universal


It seems like just yesterday we wrote about Universal Music Group being embroiled in litigation. (My mistake — it was two days ago.)

Now DivX has jumped into the legal melee, ready to throw down with the music giant. And just as Veoh did, DivX is looking to protect its Stage6 video sharing site with a pre-emptive lawsuit against UMG. (DivX has already said it will spin off Stage6 because it’s too expensive to operate).

Via press release, DivX said it:

“…has filed a lawsuit in Federal District Court to protect its Stage6 online video hosting service from unreasonable threats and demands made by Universal Music Group (“UMG”). DivX seeks the court’s affirmation that UMG’s claims of copyright infringement are without merit and that DivX is in full compliance with the requirements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”).

Not one to sit there and take it, Universal issued its own statement:

“Universal Music Group has been in negotiations with DivX and recently offered them a deal that would address the rampant copyright infringement occurring on their service and fairly compensate our artists and songwriters for the use of their audiovisual works. Universal is committed to supporting innovative new digital services, as evidenced by our deals with YouTube and others. However, DivX has nothing to do with innovation. Their Stage6 service directly violates the rights of content creators. DivX’s purpose is to build traffic and sell advertising off of unlicensed content that is clearly illegal. They are perpetuating a disservice to the entire creative community.”

(via Contenitnople)

According to A.L. Friedman over at Contentinople, the two companies were supposed to meet on Tuesday to hammer out a deal similar to the one UMG has with YouTube.

So much for that.

The big question is — did the Veoh lawsuit have anything to do with this?

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