Bricklin's Back (Again) and Thinks He Can Win Auto X-Prize


bricklin1.jpgMalcolm Bricklin says he’s confident he will win the cash award for the Automotive X-Prize, (according to CarConnection), with a 100 mpg plug-in hybrid-electric vehicle from his company Visionary Vehicles. Yep, that sounds like good ol’ Bricklin. The 68-year-old car entrepreneur is famous for both bringing the Yugo to the U.S. and also racking up more than $20 million in debt for his company that failed to sell a sports car called the Bricklin SV-1.

After aborting plans to import vehicles built by Chinese manufacturer Chery,
Visionary Vehicles has already reorganized itself. Now the company is working on a plug-in hybrid that supposedly has a price tag starting at $35,000. What are Bricklin’s chances of success? Well according to AutoblogGreen, the car is being designed by Herb Grasse, who designed the original Bricklin SV-1. The same one that only sold 3,000 units . . . Maybe not the best sign.

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