Thursday Vid-Biz Headlines


ABC and Warner Bros. TV Strike Streaming Deal; network gets first dibs on its WBTV-produced shows in year one, WBTV gets the streaming and download rights in year two. (Variety)

No Doo-Doo: Lulu Sues Hulu; digital self-publishing company accuses NBCU/News Corp. vid site of “trademark infringement, unfair and deceptive trade practices and […] federal cyberpiracy.” (PR Newswire)

Integrate On-Demand Video into Your Second Life; Origin Digital releases system that allows virtual worlders to stream audio and video capabilities into the experience. (Mashable)

College Offers Class about YouTube, on YouTube; the entire class being offered at Pitzer College, “Learning From YouTube,” will be filmed and posted on the popular video-sharing network. Final exam? Lip-sync in front of a Webcam, or take a kick to the groin. (Inside Higher Ed)

More Magazines Using Online Video; number of Top 50 publications harnessing video nearly doubled to 60 percent in 2007 from 34 percent in 2006. (

Artist Finds Following through Online Video; time-lapse videos of his work on, YouTube and MySpace help Phil Hansen rack up more than 3 million plays. Check out his Karate-Kickin’ Colonel, winner of our July Pier Screening. (CNN)

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