Apple drops iPhone prices. Users get ticked.

If you haven’t heard already, at yesterdays event Steve Jobs announced that on top of dropping the 4GB iPhone, the price of the 8GB iPhone would be dropped by $200 to $399 (from $599…for the mathematically challenged).

The iPhone was released barely 2 months ago and thus a few users (especially those who dropped $600 on a phone) are a bit ticked.

A few points have been made in regards to negativity towards the price drop.

I think Gruber summed it up best:

…for those of you who’ve already bought one and are pissed about the price cut, if you didn’t think the iPhone was worth $599, you shouldn’t have bought it. That’s how supply and demand works.

I certainly understand both sides here. I know if I had purchased an iPhone and paid the equivalent of a new computer, I’d be ticked too. Being upset over spending $200 more than what you’d have to pay now is reason to be upset. But you’ve got to take things in to focus here.

Jobs is being completely honest when he says “that’s what happens in technology.” In a technology age dominated by short product life spans and competitive markets, Apple is doing what they have to to stay competitive in a volatile market like the mobile phone industry.

As Gruber said, if you didn’t think the iPhone was worth $599, you shouldn’t have paid that much for it. It’s not about customer loyalty or respect. It’s not about you some how thinking your iPhone was any type of “investment” that wouldn’t drop like a rock in value. It’s about business and supply and demand. Period.