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Adobe Goes Deeper with Flash

Flash is growing up, moving from chintzy videos on the web to an infrastructure play. Adobe (ADBE) is making a whole bunch of announcements at IBC Thursday, including a partnership with Cisco (CSCO) to embed Flash Media Server 3 in the Cisco content delivery system, as well as support for the upcoming Adobe Media Player from everyone from Maven Networks to YuMe to VeriSign (VRSN) to Akamai (AKAM).

There are a number of subplots here. First of all, Adobe is squaring up against Microsoft (which released supposed Flash killer Silverlight on Wednesday). Second, Cisco is using Adobe to maneuver its own face-off against Microsoft. And don’t forget anything that encourages more video (especially high quality video) is good for Cisco, because it needs a huge amount of bandwidth and that needs Cisco gear.

“They share our vision of any stream to any screen,” Jim Guerard, Adobe’s vice president of dynamic media, said of Cisco. “Create this content once for the 10-foot experience, the 3-foot experience, and the 1-foot experience.” Starting in the fourth quarter of this year, customers of the Cisco CDS will be able to use it to bring Flash video to the PCs, TVs, and other digital devices they sell to consumers.

Adobe is also making a major push for the its upcoming (now aiming for the first quarter of next year) Adobe Media Player, signing everyone from video hosting to distribution to advertising as partners.

That includes deals with VeriSign/Kontiki and CacheLogic, key peer-to-peer alternatives to traditional content delivery networks, which should help bring P2P distribution mainstream. It’s not P2P being baked into Flash, but it’s close.

The full list of Adobe Media Player partners also includes, Brightcove, Maven Networks, Motionbox, Reality Digital, PointRoll, EyeWonder, Podbridge, YuMe, and Akamai. No customers have been named yet.

In late August, Adobe added support for the high-quality H.264 video compression standard to a test version of Flash.

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  1. There are only 2 Premiere Authorized Partners:-
    Akamai and Limelight.

    If you search Adobe’s site you can see the following:-

    First European content delivery network to launch with Flash Video Streaming Service
    July 20, 2007

    Adobe announces its content delivery network (CDN) partnership for Flash® Video Streaming Service (FVSS) with European firm DutchView. DutchView joins the ranks of Akamai, Limelight, J-Stream, Mirror Image, and Internap as Adobe’s sixth CDN partner. Within the Netherlands, DutchView is a market leader in the video streaming industry, providing all delivery services for streaming content from television, radio and the Internet. Having DutchView on board is expected to help increase the strong market adoption of FLV streaming.

    Second European content delivery network to launch with FVSS
    July 27, 2007

    Adobe announces its latest CDN partnership for FVSS with CacheLogic. CacheLogic joins the ranks of Akamai, Limelight, J-Stream, Mirror Image, DutchView, and Internap as Adobe’s seventh CDN partner. CacheLogic is headquartered in the U.K. but has a worldwide focus. Having CacheLogic on board is expected to help increase the strong market adoption of FLV streaming and help drive commissionable revenue.

    EdgeCast becomes Adobe’s eighth CDN partner
    August 20, 2007

    Adobe announces its eighth CDN partnership for FVSS with global provider EdgeCast. Edgecast specializes in providing rich media content delivery services for traditional media companies, movie studios, advertising networks, gaming networks, and social media portals. EdgeCast’s focus on combining traditional streaming media capabilities with a flexible development environment for creating and delivering innovative, interactive media applications provides the framework for successful partnership between both companies.

  2. Maximus? The Limelight rep that keeps calling me promising to undercut my current CDN’s price in half? Is that you, Maximus?

    Please focus on getting the stock price back up rather than looking for free press.

  3. Wow Maximus, thanks for that scathing comment. However, Adobe never mentioned Limelight as a partner in the multiple communications I had with them about the announcements. Can you provide a link to news about the “other CDN partners”?

  4. Interesting to see your post neglected to mention Limelight Networks (who are the #2 biggest Content Delivery Network) off your supposedly “full” list of partners for this new player –

    You are simply re-hashing an Akamai press release that went out yesterday that failed to mention quite a few ‘other’ CDN partners…..

    How can we trust you if you don’t check your facts before posting stuff on your blog ?