64 GB SSD option for HP 2710p Tablet PC

Hp2710ptabletHP might be in agreement with me: a 32 GB Solid State Drive just isn’t enough capacity to be a compelling offer for most. Not that it couldn’t work, because we’ve seen some pretty happy 32 GB SSD experiences in the past, but HP is skipping 32 GB and going right to 64 GB. Even better yet: you’ll be able to get this option on the HP 2710p that James is enjoying. Well, not that exact review unit he has, but you know what I mean.

HP hasn’t spilled the beans on the price premium this 64 GB option will command, but if I had to guess, I’d say for around $600. Is it worth having a flash drive with no moving parts for faster read/write speeds and less power usage? That’ll be up to you and I’m sure that 64 GB won’t be enough for some folks. Me personally: I get by on 60 GB right now with my Q1P, so now I’m wondering if there’s a new Tablet PC in my near future. The new offering of a 64 GB SSD is showing on the HP 2710p product page, but you can’t choose it from the custom options just yet.


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