AOL Finalizes $275 Million Purchase Of Tacoda

Although it was something of a surprise when AOL (NYSE: TWX) said it would buy behavioral targeting firm Tacoda at the end of July for an estimated $275 million, the companies have now completed their merger. As we noted at the time, Tacoda’s “definitive agreement” with AOL seemed to contradict repeated comments Tacoda CEO Dave Morgan had made over the past year. As recently as May, Morgan denied any desire for a buyout, saying that the company’s growth had him thinking more along the lines of New York-based Tacoda becoming a public company in the near future. From AOL’s standpoint, the move helps further its year-long shift to an ad-based business model, which has primarily rested on display advertising. This was AOL’s third ad-related acquisition this year, the previous two being mobile marketing network Third Screen Media and German ad network AdTech AG, both in May. Release