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iPod touch – Multi-touch interface, Wi-Fi, and more

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iPod touch

Today Apple announced a major addition to their iPod line called iPod touch. It bears significant similarities to the iPhone with touch screen capabilities, wide screen display, and more.

There are two major new features included in the new iPod touch that have never been included in a previous iPod. Multi-touch interface and Wi-Fi access.

Multi-touch Interface

With functionality practically identical to the iPhone, the multi-touch interface really brings a new dimension to Apple’s iPod lineup.

The iPhone’s finger-flickin’ goodness is now officially on an iPod via the same Coverflow feature that exists on the iPhone and in iTunes.


Another first for the iPod lineup, Wi-Fi is now built in to the iPod touch. What would you need Wi-Fi for? Well I’m glad you asked.

The Safari browser that exists on the iPhone is now integrated in to the iPod touch and using any public Wi-Fi network you can now browse the internet, watch YouTube videos or purchase music from the brand spankin’ new iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store.


There is an 8GB model that will set you back almost $300 and a 16GB model that will set you back almost $400. My initial thoughts are that the pricing is a bit steep, especially for the 16GB model. As with other Apple products, there is a good chance the price will drop after 6-12 months.

Wrapping Up

Overall I feel like this is a pretty solid new product. The fact that it looks almost identical to the iPhone does irk me a bit. It just seems like a bit of a copout. Though it could be argued that there is no need to fix what isn’t broken. Touché.

There is also the new Starbucks partnership that reeks of burnt coffee to me. Sure, the fact that you could be in a Starbucks, here a song you like, and purchase it on the spot is a cool feature but it just seems to be an extra layer of fluff that is unnecessary and just overcrowds Apple’s brand.

21 Responses to “iPod touch – Multi-touch interface, Wi-Fi, and more”

  1. Is the dimensions the same for the iphone and the itouch? I’m looking to get the acrylic screen saver for my iphone but spending $15 more than the itouch screen saver doesn’t seem practical. Thanks

  2. I had a similar experience when I tried it in the SF Apple Store.
    I ended up buying the 8GB iPhone. I think that it has more features than the iTouch, for the same price.
    I’ve had it for one week, and I’m happy with it.
    Including all of my contacts, calendars, a few short videos and Podcasts, I’m only using a little over 4GB.
    I have enough music to keep me entertained, and I have the added features.
    I went with AT&T GoPlan. As soon as the iPhone is fully updated, and things settle down, I’ll consider one of the hacks to dump AT&T.
    It took me 8 hours to finally activate the phone, and I still had to call “customer service”; only to get bounced to four reps before the phone was finally activated.
    The iPhone is a joy to use, and the AT&T part is, well, AT&T; their reputation “speaks” for itself.

  3. I’m picking up one of these just because it looks cool. I’ll love to have the widescreen view and I love the interface. Add on wi-fi and it sounds like a win/win. I’m not really concerned that much about the space since I was only using 3 gb of my previous 30 gb ipod.

    Does the iphone do wifi, if so maybe that’s the best thing since I already use AT&T. Hmmm…

  4. @Ethan – The iPhone and iPod Touch have solid state memory (flash memory) just like the nano… it doesn’t have a hard drive like the larger-capacity iPods. That’s what allows them to make it so small.

    I’m sure the capacity will increase, but 16 GB of (effectively RAM) memory is pretty good.

    Another benefit to having flash memory is that there are no moving parts, so you can go jogging without worrying about trashing your hard drive from shock.

  5. Why so little memory? Sure you can watch video full screen, but 16gb wont hold many movies. This seems like a serious upgrade to the iPod, so why not make it in 40gb and 80gb sizes?

  6. I think this product is nice, but am confused why they didn’t include the mail application. I think you could still use the Safari browser to check your web mail anyway. Also, when do you think an application like Skype will be written for the iPod Touch? I am thinking that with the WiFi, Skype and other IP based phone calls would be the real app. for this device.

  7. “As with other Apple products, there is a good chance the price will drop after 6-12 months”

    Or 2 months, as is the case with me and hundreds of thousands of other gullible early adopters of the iPhone…

    Never again.

  8. I think I’m going to order the 16 GB model tonight after I check out the Apple demo video and take a good look at my music/video library. I’ll need to see if I can reasonably go from a 30GB iPod to a 16GB. I don’t think I’ll have much of a problem since I tend to listen to podcasts and a couple of the same old playlists. The video might be my biggest issue.

  9. The Starbucks partnership feels like a public test of something larger to me. Perhaps the Starbucks thing isn’t about Starbucks. Perhaps it’s about testing a system for context-sensitive downloads (if you will). Over on TUAW, there was a suggestion that this would be cool at a movie theater, for instance, where you grab the cool movie soundtrack right there while at the theater.

    Consider (in retrospect) the Motorola phone + iTunes thing a few years ago, for example. It now seems to me like maybe it was really a way for Apple to figure out how to integrate the iPod and a mobile phone.