iPod touch Guided Tour


iPod touch Tour
It will be a few weeks before Apple’s new iPod touch is available so to help feed your addiction Apple has a fairly thorough video tour of the new iPod.

At around 15 minutes long, it really does cover just about everything you’d need to know about the new iPod touch.

You can stream it or download it here.



I am so confused about ipods !! Can you recommend a good ipod that :
1) Has only music. Don’t mind one colour screen.
2) Keeps a long charge on the battery and easy to replace
3) Plays fairly loud and easy to navigate.
Many Thanks


I just bought ipod touch and my only con is that you can’t use it as a phone.. i tried many different ways and none work

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The new iPods look great, but my only ‘issue’ is the size of memory that the iPod touch has. I would have loved them to have put an 80 or 160 in and also had the touch element. I’d have bought one immediately. As it is, I’m now waiting to see what comes out next year, which is a real shame. I’m sticking with my current 5th Gen iPod for now


I just did a post on the new iPods over at Highbrid Nation and I’m pretty excited. I’ve had my current ipod for over two years and its about time for an update.I wonder what other apps we will see for that TOUCH.

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