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How To Get $200 Back If You Just Got An iPhone

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Did you just buy an 8GB iPhone and paid full price? And are you feeling upset over the $200 dollar price drop that Apple (AAPL) just announced? Well there is a way you can help yourself and get $200 back. Apple’s store return policy states:

Should Apple reduce its price on any Apple-branded product within fourteen (14) calendar days of the date of purchase, you may request a refund of the difference between the price paid and the current selling price. An original purchase receipt is required, and you must request your refund within fourteen (14) calendar days of the price reduction.

Just to clarify, if you bought the phone from Apple store, then you can get the refund from Apple. Otherwise visit the AT&T Store to request a refund. [digg=]

80 Responses to “How To Get $200 Back If You Just Got An iPhone”

  1. Constable Odo

    Somebody said they got shanked for purchasing an iPhone. That sounds rather extreme. Nobody is being forced to buy an iPhone. Price reductions can come at any time. Apple is no different.
    Next time just hold off for a couple of months before you buy an Apple product. Don’t have a need to be the first one on your block to get a new product. Jeez. Just stay behind the curve a bit.

    Of course iPhone sales are falling behind and now they have to burn inventory to achieve any credibility in sales numbers. Investors don’t like feeling duped. Apple isn’t saying anything, but certain analysts are really pumping Apple numbers and margins and are going to really upset investors when the numbers aren’t met. Apple’s stock probably won’t move much the rest of this year until the holiday season is over. Today, they got the final kiss of death with the iPhone price reduction. I don’t think even the analysts saw that coming.

  2. I think the market would not support a touch iPod that cost more than $299. For $300 more, all you get is phone features, so the price had to come down so that the touch iPod would not canibalize the fledgling iPhone business. The iPhone business must grow at this time in order to fully establish itself in the handset market and the new iPod line-up is so good it threatens that growth.

    My 2 cents.

  3. With the iPod Touch coming out – which is basically the iPhone without the phone – the economy of scale becomes huge. These 2 products will share most parts so that now instead of selling a million touch screens a quarter in just the iPhone they will be selling 3 – 4 – 5 million ?? who know ?? but can you imagine the price break you would get if you told your supplier that instead of a million parts this quarter I want 5 million?

  4. At the very least, Apple just made its most loyal customers out to be fools to their friends and family who were enthusiastically shown Apple’s newest product. Everyone’s going to be saying “damn, I heard you got ganked by Apple”.

  5. I hope Apple gets as many new customers as they have lost of the old. A previously loyal Mac (11 items) household. With this move we will never be confident of the pricing of any Apple product to purchase again.

  6. I got mine 3 weeks ago BUT exactly 13 days ago the camera flaked on me and I had to exchange it for a new one. I’ll going to go to the PA store tomorrow and see what happens. The problem is that I bought it at the ATT store but exchanged it at the Apple Store.

    Argh Steve!

  7. It’s not so much that people are upset that the iPhone’s price was dropped. Obviously that’s a good thing in the long run, for the most part.

    The real deal here is how did this happen?

    Is it conceivable that the bottomline on the iPhone has changed that considerably in just a couple months to warrant a 33% drop? Was a new deal struck with manufacturing? Was a new patent obtained or licensing rearranged?

    Probably not.

    The question then becomes, was Apple deliberately taking advantage of their core support system of enthusiasts and early adopters? To me, if feels like this is what the iPhone’s bottom line is and has always been. This pricing structure makes sense for them and at some point a decision was made to charge a premium to that core audience since they will grab it no matter what.

    Charging a premium to be a passionate Apple user doesn’t sit well with me. Now there is a dilemma when it comes to the next big hypefest — which is largely due to the independent Apple fans out there.

    The next iPhone-esque product to be hyped will have blog titles resembling “Next big thing from Apple, but don’t buy it right away.”

  8. And you know what ? There is no reason for Apple to have cut the price for the iPhone… I think it will play against them with the angry Apple mob….


    man, there are some seriously f*cked up people commenting on this site… hilarrrrrrrriousssssssssss…

    hahahahaahaha yes, apple charging $200 less for a product is a so so so so so mean!!!!!! how dare they cut the price of one of their products!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaahahahahaha

    everyone will hate them for it… hahahahaahahahahaha

    best laugh i have had all week… thanks for the insane posts…

  9. Its nice of Steve to spin a Cinderella story by asserting that the iPhone has the highest customer satisfaction of any Apple product ever shipped but come on, its only been out for a few months now. Something seems amiss for them to risk ticking off the early adopters / loyal customers by chopping $200 off the price so soon. Saying that they just want to get aggressive for the holiday season by dropping the price 33%? Oh really? Who’s reality distortion field is that? Sounds like the ghost of the G4 Cube.

  10. clearly there is more than that meets the eye. i think the sales might be slower than they are admitting.

    Not so sure about that. Jobs said that they were ahead of the expectation to deliver the 1 millionth iPhone. However, I see this as Apple trying to get iPhone into as many customers’ hands as possible during a Christmas quarter so that it becomes a breakout quarter, i.e. get a critical mass going as soon as they can. The sooner iPhone repeats iPod’s success, the better Apple can compete in the cellphone market. Also, the bigger drop than expected in the flash NAND price may play a big factor too.

    Om has their been any analysis or at least theories on manufacturing costs for the iPhone? I’m interested in seeing what Apple’s margins are(obviously high)

    iSuppli said before that the estimated costs for a 8GB one was about $280. With the drop of NAND module prices, it should be lower now. However, the number was a guess and didn’t take R&D into account, so take it with a cup of salt.

  11. This is very bad strategy by Apple, and it is now way to treat early adopters. The early adopters are the advocates the fans the supporters the ones that help market the product. If anything the price should go up to reward the early adopters.

    I feel ripped off especially since I bought the 4gb version and I could of bought the 8gb for less.

    To me this seems like desperation as sales have probably slowed down much quicker than they thought.

  12. I would tend to agree that its pointless to whine about a price drop for a product in the electronic consumer market but a 200 dollar drop in under 2 months for a product thats selling well??? Thats ridiculous.

  13. J. Sheppard

    Usually, your articles are awesome, but this sounds like the rantings of a spoiled 18 year old. This is the price of being an early adopter. Would I have liked to pay $300 instead of $600? No, not if it meant wating the intervening months. Crying like a girl demeans you. You are much better than this.

  14. Om, I’m with you. It took a lot for me to shell out the $599, and that was little more than two months ago. I bought the iPhone knowing full well that the price would drop, as it did with the iPod.

    I just didn’t think it would happen so soon. It’s like Apple fleeced the early-adopters.

  15. You can also threaten to return it if you are within fourteen days of having received it and they will refund you the difference. I had actually purchased mine 15 days ago but since I didnt receive it until a day later (ordered online) I was able to fall within the time frame.