Goodbye iPod Hi-Fi?


iPod Hi-Fi

Since the iPod Hi-Fi was announced almost 2 years ago Apple has seemingly thrown it to the side without so much as a single mention after it’s initial public debut.

It’s always been a rather odd product for Apple to have produced as it plays the role as mainly an expensive accessory to the iPod. Apple is really in the business of creating major products and not so much “accessory” products.

After the Apple online store re-opened today the Apple Hi-Fi appears to have be removed from the catalog. Clicking on the “Buy Now” buttons on the Hi-Fi product page take you to a simple page with a message that says :

Sorry. The item you have selected is currently not available from the Apple Store.

Who knows if this is just a simple glitch. I personally see this product falling by the wayside.

UPDATE: Within a couple of days of publishing this post Apple also removed the “Buy Now” button. This seems to be the official end of the Hi-Fi.



I agree with Galley’s Hi-Fi 2.0. I don’t see it happening, but if they threw in an FM tuner, I’d be a whole lot happier.


It’s probably not gone for good although it wouldn’t be a crying shame if it didn’t come back.For less money you can get yourself a far better hifi system that will still have value in 10 years time. if you’re not after a deep immersive sound stage though and want something portable iPod hifi is very good, especially if it gets a video connection in it


I’m thinking they will have a video output to work with the new component cables and 480p output capabilities of the new iPods. :)


I called Apple to see if I could order one by phone and was told they were being redesigned to work with new products…supposedly a new one will be out soon??


But, what did they do on the 4th? they removed the buy now button… Update?


Perhaps to provide info for the units that remain on the store shelves. Notice that there’s no longer a way to purchase one on the page. I recall seeing one retailer had dropped the price to $299 already.


I personally think they are upgrading it… The reason why is that if they were going to scap it, the product page would have been gone already… also, on the iPod/iTunes page, they updated the Hi-fi picture with an iPod Classic inserted…


That’s a shame. I’d love to get one too, but am only turned off by the price. Perhaps I can find one at a clearance price.


Works fine for me, I just ordered one. I’m in the UK though.



I love my iPod Hi-Fi. The sound is awesome. Actually, I have never used it with an iPod – it’s the speakers for my Mac mini and Powerbook G4. I wanted one as soon as I saw it.


Perhaps they will soon introduce the iPod Hi-Fi 2.0. Here’s what I’d like to see:

Integrated AirPort express, with the iPhone and iPod touch acting as controllers.
Drop the battery option; I doubt anyone used it.
Reduce the price to $200.

I’d love to have one, but they are simply too expensive for what they are. My $114 Griffin Amplifi was a steal.

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