Do You Love or Hate the New Nano?


iPod nano I wanna get your feedback here, loyal TAB readers. What are your thoughts on the new Nano? Love it? Hate it? Luke warm?

Personally I’m in the hate it camp. I was really crossing my fingers that the spy photos that had previously leaked out on the ‘net where fake. I like the larger screen I guess (320×240), but it just feels like it’s now the bastard child of the iPod line.

So, what do you guys think?


Matt Radel

I think what bothers me most is that the Nano and the Touch have “soon to be updated” written all over them. The space on the Touch is too small, and I really think that the Nano is going to get a negative reaction from consumers. Even if I was in the market for an iPod, I’d steer clear of both.


I think when you look at it in person, it should look good. Photos do not always reflect the right look.


I’ll reserve judgement a little until I get to see the thing in the flesh (or metal, whatever), but first impression is that they should’ve called it the iPod Fugly.


I have just recieved the email from Apple on the launch of the new ipod – what a disaster it looks. Sure good for gamers but don’t they all have playstation or nintendo? The “old” shape nano (only 18 months old??) was perfect in weight and size for running, excercising etc; I don’t see how the new square one will fit so snugly in to an arm strap for convenience. Agree with the sentiment that this is the bastard child of ipod’s


Luvvit! But boy did I hate it from its early leaked images: it looked far larger and not as soft as what the real deal turned out to be.


The new nano design is about having a visual experience as well as an auditory one.
I have a 5G iPod for that; I’m still flying with my iPod Mini for gym and workout sessions. The new nano design emphasizes elements I don’t need.
When I saw the new stuff, I hopped online and bought a 2ndGen nano, just in case my Mini croaks.
BTW kids, I’m almost 50!


You know, my initial reaction was “GAG!” It seems to me that the ID team didn’t think outside the box. When Steve Jobs held it in his hand, and I could really see how small it was and CRUD! how thin it is, I was pretty amazed. I guess it goes to show that you have to judge the design in the context it was designed for. Either that or Mr. Jobs had me hypnotized whenever he said the word, “Gorgeous!”


I personally think its upgrades were necessary but agree its not a WOW product but I bet it will be the best selling iPod. It just seems like it offers the best bang for your buck for the average user.

What are your thoughts on the iPod Touch? As an huge Apple fan I was a little disappointed. I mean, the two options don’t offer that much space…Why not just bite the bullet and get the iPhone and have an all in one device?


why didnt they make it horizontal? have the screen landscape with the scroll to the right or left of the screen so you hold the entire device in landscape mode the entire time. Keep it slender and longer.

Chris N

I will have to get my hands on one before I love it, but I do like it. The dimensions are necessary for the bigger screen, and I doubt that the new dimensions will make it loose appeal to the exercise crowd. After all, it will be hanging on your arm or belt. Also, the dimensions of the old Nanos were almost too tall. There was too much space between the screen and the scroll wheel. And the screen was way too small.

I think it will definitely go places.


I much prefer the new proportions to the old one.

The old nanos (both 1st and 2nd gen.) both seemed to have too much space around the click wheel and took their tall, thin design from the first generation shuffle (which took its design from the size and shape of flash storage at the time).

The new, squarer nano is more in line with the proportions of the iMac and the iPod classic (and the shuffle and the Mac mini …)


Proportions are all wrong indeed, but not much choice left in proportions if you want video. Its a choice.


eh, the proportions are all wrong. They need something other than the click wheel in that space, or they should have used an all-horizontal layout. This looks like it was phoned in, not Ives-approved.

Brandon Eley

I don’t like the design, but I do like that it’s got a bigger screen. I think moving to a wide screen is the way to go. I just think they should have changed it from portrait to landscape (moved the click wheel to the side instead of under the screen).


i like it, but will need to hold it before i love it. don’t like the new colors much though, apart from black. i prefer the old bold nano colors. but wait 6 months and i’m sure there will be a color refresh.


I love the colors, but it will take me a while to get used to the chubbiness….it just looks so “different” from a typical Apple design.


Love it not just like it. It needed to be done for bigger screen. The best selling mp3 player now plays video!


I’m in the hate it crowd.

Not that the new nano is no good, but that it replaces the old nano, which is beautiful. The slim design of the previous model, and *lack* of a video screen were assets to people who just want to exercise, or listen to music during their commute. I wonder how the battery life compares, with the new screen eating up more power…

rui jorge

i like it… the old ipod nano has a very small screen, it hurts my eyes looking at it, and it’s impossible to see a video on the old ipod nano…the new one is fatter, but the screen is really nice, and i think it looks nice… i think it’s an evolution, it has a better battery, much better screen, i can see videos or photos on it now… so i would buy it. It’s fatter, but thinner and shorter… i never loved ipod nano, i still don’t love the new one, but i think it’s nice. What could we expect from a nano product? It’s much better and nicer than sony”s or creative similar devices…


Like it. Thought it was odd at first, but to keep the scroll wheel and have a decent screen for video it seems right.

Marek Macak

Definitely in the hate camp, I’d say that the new design of Nano physically hurts me when I look at it!


I think it looks fine. I like the new colors. Technically it’s the “short” nano, not the “fat” nano.

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