Apple-A-Go-Go: iPod Touch With WiFi Music Store; SBUX; iPhone Price; 95-Plus Million Videos Sold

hero_overview_20070905Lots of news big and small from The Steve Jobs Show (NSDQ: AAPL) now underway, including, as anticipated, a touch iPod with WiFi shipping this month — basically an iPhone sans AT&T and the phone, a WiFi Music Store — and, for the traditional content partner surprise, a deal for WiFi downloads with Starbucks (NSDQ: SBUX) complete with Howard Schultz cameo/sales pitch. (Updated: The full video of Jobs’ presentation is here.)

The Cliff Notes version of the incredibly detailed Engadget coverage:

— The Starbucks deal, allowing WiFi access for music downloads, is exclusive with iTunes and rolls out Oct. 2 in NY and Seattle, followed by 350 stores in San Francisco Nov. 7 and eventually to 5,800 WiFi-enabled stores across U.S, most by end of 2008. It will work on iPhone as well as iPod Touch. (Less clear, whether you need a T-Mobile account for the other WiFi features like YouTube, etc.)

iPhone: On track to ship 1 millionth unit this month but lowering price of 8GB, which most people want, to $399 from $599. (Sounds like the 4GB may be toast but unsure.) Jobs: “We want to make the iPhone even MORE affordable for even more people.”

iPod Touch: Same size as iPhone but even thinner, comes in 8GB at $299 and 16G at $399. Includes Safari and 802.11 b/g. Battery life per Jobs: 22 hours audio, 5 hours video playback. Shipping this month.

iTunes stats: Over 600,000,000 million copies distributed. Over 3 billion sings sold. Over 550 shows, over 95 million shows sold. 125,000 podcasts.

— KT Tunstall as the surprise performer: “It’s fantastic that Steve Jobs is making it more fun to pay for music than steal it!”

Update: In an interview with CNBC, Jobs confirmed that the 4GB iPhone was being discontinued. He also said iPhone would launch in some European countries next quarter with Asia ‘probably’ to follow in 2008.

— Some had hoped for the Beatles’ announcement today. Jobs: “It’s up to Apple Corps. I hope you will see something in the next six months. … When Apple Corps is ready, we’re ready to go.