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Greentech Media Launch: Our good friends Greentech Media launched their eco-tech news site today. Check out our blog feed on the site! – release.

Cleantech Investing Acquired: As part of Greentech Media’s launch, Cleantech Investing was acquired by the Mass. news and research firm. The blog, penned by @Ventures principal Rob Day, has tracked and provided commentary on investments in cleantech for over two years – Cleantech Investing.

Applied Materials’ Thin Film Boost: Applied Material’s (AMAT.O) shares rose today after the chip making equipment maker announced its new line of solar products, dubbed “SunFab,” which are designed for thin-film silicon panels four times larger than ones already on the market – Reuters.

Ethanol’s Environmental Impact: Robert Rapier discusses the ways ethanol production both hurts and helps the environment – The Oil Drum.

Hydrogen Economy Tech: Air Products and HyGear team up to market HyGear’s “mini-steam methane reforming technology” into various applications, including hydrogen fueling stations – release.

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