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iLap – Keep your lap cool


Let’s be honest, sitting in a chair or on a couch with a laptop sitting directly on your legs is just…painful. After extended periods of time the heat from the laptop just gets uncomfortable for everybody involved.

Previously I’ve just ended up sitting at a table or putting a book or something of the sort under the laptop to help with both the heat and the height so my wrists wouldn’t hurt.

After enduring this for a few weeks I decided it was time for a real solution so I picked up an iLap. The iLap helps raise the laptop a good 3-4 inches at the back so the keyboard is it a comfortable angle while it also keeps things off your lap.

It is made of sandblasted aluminum that matches the look of MacBook Pros and PowerBooks and also helps keep the actual laptop a bit cooler. Along with the aluminum are 2 velvet cushions the make sure the weight of your laptop doesn’t get uncomfortable after prolonged us.

In addition to being good for lap use, you can remove the front cushion and use it on your desk to give a better angle for typing and to give more circulation to keep temperatures down.

Prices range from $49.90 for the 12 inch model up to $69.90 for the 17 inch model and can be purchased here.

7 Responses to “iLap – Keep your lap cool”

  1. Greg Weaver

    I’ve had one for over 2 years. I use it all the time at my desk – it makes it so much easier to type on. My computer stays cooler too!

    Having it while I kick my feet up in the recliner too is a must.

    I highly recommend it.

  2. An iLap is a necessity for anyone with a MacBook Pro who isn’t tethered to a desk. They get so hot (even the newer models) they can burn your legs.

    The iLap makes it comfortable to type on no matter where you are — I keep mine on my desk but grab it when I head to the couch too.