A different Apple Store experience


Apple Store on Fifth AveI recently moved to New York City, so of course, I went over to the Fifth Avenue Apple Store. I wanted to see if my wife would still like her new LG Chocolate phone after playing with an iPhone. There were plenty of iPhones available to play with even though the store was buzzing with people. While playing with an iPhone, I ended up talking to a complete stranger. No, someone didn’t just come up to me to discuss Steve Job’s fascination with cubes. Someone called the iPhone I was using.

Since I wanted to hear the quality of the iPhone speaker and the call quality of AT&T, I answered the call. “Who is this?” the person on the phone demanded. I told him that I was some guy at an Apple Store using one of the store’s iPhones. He then asked me why I called him. I calmly explained that he was the person who dialed me. The unknown gentleman clarified, “Why did you call me yesterday?” I told him that I didn’t call him yesterday. He claimed that someone at this phone number had called him yesterday over and over. I tried to explain to him that the iPhones in the store were activated, so it must have been someone else who called him. The stranger then inquired the motives of the other person who did call him yesterday. I could only guess that someone just wanted to try out the iPhone.

From this strange exchange, I learned that almost every iPhone in the store was activated. I called someone I knew while I was in the store from a different iPhone. The caller ID stated that the phone number was “Number Restricted.” I checked the settings and un-anonymized the caller ID of the iPhone I was using. I told the person I had called to not take calls from this number unless they wanted a conversation from random people.

So what’s the moral of this story? There are plenty: The iPhones at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store are a very convenient option for prank callers. Also, if you dial out using an iPhone in an Apple Store, just be aware that many other people will handle that phone later and could easily tap a recently called person. Additionally, be prepared to have random conversations with people who have been called on one of those displayed iPhones.

Oh, and for those of you who were wondering, my wife is fine with the LG Chocolate phone, but loves the new iMacs after testing one out.



It was very hard to hear the person. The quality of the audio was good, but the volume was low. I had to press my ear to the phone and place my hand over my other ear just to hear the confused stranger. I’m not sure if he was a NY’er, btw. Area code didn’t look to be local.


SO how was the audio quality? Well considering you were talking to an angry NY’er it doesn’t matter I guess :p

Noah Everett

I had a similar experience at the Apple store in Tulsa, OK, except I started txt’ing a random person from the demo iPhone because I saw the history of the previous messages and thought I would try it out. The person wasn’t very happy at first =), but they warmed up after I told them the story. Fun stuff.

Matt Radel

Interesting. I didn’t even think about people using them for pranks. I do think they (Apple) could do a better job of informing you that the phones are active. Fortunately an employee enlightened me before I started to randomly push buttons.

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