UMG And Ringboxx Offer Home Ringtones

Home Phone Tunes has launched Ringboxx, a $60 device that lets you assign music and audio content to calls coming in on your landline. Universal Music Group and indie label The Orchard has made its entire catalogue available for the service, which is being touted as a way to identify callers rather than a landline ringtone service. “Ringboxx allows those with Caller ID to identify callers instantly, even when they are not near their phones, by assigning ringtones to friends, family or even unwanted 800 numbers” reads the release. Ringboxx is sold through Amazon and some telcos. While I can see the attraction of assigning different ringtones to different callers on the home phone, I’m not sure there’s enough demand for a device that costs $60 — you get some ringtone credits, but once those are used up you have to pay for the ringtones as well. The music is downloaded to the Ringboxx via PC. (release)