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Times Group's Tries A General Classifieds Site: YoList

Yo! We were tipped off about yet another classifieds portal, this time from the Times Group, yo! They’re launching, yo! I think I’ll stop yo-yoing about and get down to the details:

The domain servers are hosted by Indiatimes. The site features listings related to matrimonial, property, vehicles, recruitment, business opportunities, jewelry, domain names and much more — a regular classifieds listing. A search for jobs reveals that the site has listings from both Times Jobs and YoList…YoList appears to be free, so what if this site actually takes off? Why would recruiters pay to list jobs with Times Jobs, instead of YoList? Ditto for matrimonial listings vs SimplyMarry (though unlikely) and property listings vs MagicBricks. Listings are available for Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Pune.

There are several other general classifieds sites like Indialist, kijiji, among others. Specialized sites for jobs and matrimonial have been more why launch another generic site?

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12 Responses to “Times Group's Tries A General Classifieds Site: YoList”

  1. how about something really different and has a hindi meaning this guys from 124 team have taken and domain to launch a free classifieds for india making a concept of 1 2ka 4 really easy to remember it , great job i like their site

  2. Yes it is still active, have revamped Yolist' s UI, Though listings are less but genuine data need time to be pulled in. Guys check the new version, I found it OK.
    lets see whats there in the future.

  3. This is actually pretty old news. I heard about the site as early as April this year and have been visiting the site off an on since then and personally am not too happy with it. I dont have the time to go into details but i think the site is not going to be too user friendly. As far as it doing well goes one cant say anything. Ebay still seems and rightly so in my opinion the preferred site for posting stuff like this.

    OLX came in with much fanfare and has failed to impress and are currently dealing with problems relating to people posting a single item multiple times, and not in the conservative sense. There are certain pages which have are only full of one listing by one guy , a clear case of the poster trying to give visibility to his product. The second problem i have come across is a lot of Chinese shopping portals advertising as well under false names , locations resulting in a lot of fraud, buyer complaints can be found for the same sites advertising there.

    Kijiji is pretty good in my opinion. Very basic in its functionality but it gets the job done and i tend to use it often enough.

    Lets see where the times guys go with this , and how far.

  4. The service is very bad. The site take same information again and again atleast 4 or 5 times and I get the following message. They have to do the product testing before they launch. There will be no second first impression.

    "Server is facing some difficulty Please try after some time… "

    It takes half an hour to fill the data due to intake of repeated information.