How EcoFriendly Was The Burning Man Festival?


burningman1.jpgThe green-themed party is almost over in Black Rock desert, Nevada. Festival-goers at the annual Burning Man event are packing up their tents and festivity gear — think flame throwers and art projects — today for the last day of this year’s festival. The man might have gone ablaze early this year, but burners had all week to focus on various examples of cleantech and renewable energy technology.

Over 40,000 people attended the event, and according to Cooling Man, a volunteer group that is looking to offset the festival’s carbon emissions, the festival is estimated to produce roughly 27,000 tons of CO2. So far Cooling Man has collected enough money to offset 627 tons of carbon, according to their website.

MMA Renewable Ventures, a company that funds renewable energy, donated a solar generator to power the Green Man. The company’s CEO Matt Cheney bizarrely tells the San Francisco Chronicle that the company didn’t donate for PR’s sake — right, and he didn’t do the Chronicle interview for PR’s sake either.

The Chronicle article notes some other green technology at the event — an algae to power exhibit from the Chlorophyll Collective, and an un-branded electric sports car (logos aren’t allowed). Anyone know which car this is?

World Changing points out that 87% of the festival generators were supposed to be run on B100 biodiesel (11,000 gallons), while over 50 theme camps are using biodiesel after festival organizers negotiated with local vendors.

It might not be the sanest place for the clean tech industry to do some education work, but its definitely a passionate audience. So now the party is over folks, back to your jobs at Google and San Francisco IT departments.


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