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Web 18's Mantha Not Too Positive About Mobile TV For Now

Surya Mantha, CEO of Web 18, writes on that one major hurdle for mobile TV in India will be inadequate battery life. “If people are going to watch a lot of videos on their mobiles, then where is the juice left for making calls and playing games etc,” he wrote. Value-added content –by which I think he means behind-the-scenes footage, clips that were edited out of the final TV version, etc. — will be the key driver for mobile TV, according to Mantha. Of course, then there are the nagging issues of inadequate bandwidth, content monetisation, delay in 3 G policy etc. which are major roadblocks facing mobile TV.
Reliance Communications content president Mahesh Prasad on the other hand is overly optimistic about the success of mobile TV in India. “Mllions of consumers looking for quality content while they are on the go and are willing to pay Rs 10- Rs 15 a minute to watch live TV news and entertainment,” he said in the same agencyfaqs column. However, he does point out though that the higher price of the handsets that will support mobile TV will be a hinderance.

7 Responses to “Web 18's Mantha Not Too Positive About Mobile TV For Now”

  1. Sunidhi, (i like your name ;) I agree Surya has a right to his stand. That is what I'm saying. Jack seems to think Surya said something else. I am not getting personal. My question (on Surya being drunk) was to Jack on why he thought he should defend what has clearly been stated. Surya, I meant no disrespect to you.

  2. Jack, true as it may be, pay close attention to the context. It was a "debate" which means the two parties represent either a "FOR" and an "AGAINST". The topic was "Is mobile video really the next big thing?" and the two clear stands were "People won't watch 'Kyunki…' on mobile” and “The future for mobile TV is very bright”. Who do you think was "FOR" and who do you think was "AGAINST"?

    Or was Surya just drunk when he decided what stand to take?

  3. Surya Mantha said that in the current scenario he is not positive on revenues thru downloadable mobile TV which i completely agree with, I dont think anyone disputes the future of actual tv content on mobile devices once dvbh or similar tech comes into play.. He was merely stating the current roadblocks

  4. Prashanth Rao

    Strangely enough, never did clarify on why they made that claim in the headline. It had nothing to do with the story, so it is very likely that someone just dropped the ball. But the 5 comments posted on that story actually brought this to their notice and yet they didn't fix it or clarify. For a site that preaches high responsiveness for brands in an online world with its consumer (readers in this case) such an incident only implies they're going blind. Sree was never known to be like that. I wonder if he is even running the show there or is it just his generals who have messed up. Either ways, I'm sure the investors there are watching all this. I wonder when their next board meeting is. Sree may need to do some explaining. Speaking of board meetings, wonder if Surya has already faced his first board meeting after claiming there (allegedly) that the future of mobile TV is not positive. Could someone leak the meeting minutes of their next meeting please?

  5. Payal Sinha

    mobstir i don't think the two men in the article need to attend the conference you have written about. it is the agencyfaqs management that should be sending their reporters for such trainings.

    anupama you should never quote as "news". they're a bunch of tech (and journo) novices who have no clue about what is happening in this world. infact the reporter of this story had written a story a week ago saying marketers above the age of 45 are incapable of performing online.

    richa we're still waiting for your apology on that one!

  6. Clearly they both are defining Mobile TV differently. MobileTV on a DVBH/MediaFlo standard is about live tv channels and not behind the scenes & clip tv. Thats 2.5/3G ip delivery on wireless devices and what Mantha is talking about. Most people who talk about mobile tv havent seen it nor experienced it and end up creating even more confusion.

    I would suggest that any one who has any interest in mobiletv please go to a nokia or qualcomm stall at a conference near you and have a look at the product – it will allow you to make better comments.