Open Thread: Where Will You Watch NBC?

Apple and NBC are making competing immature proclamations — “no, I broke up with you!” — to let the world know that the network’s shows will no longer be for sale in iTunes. Silicon Alley Insider estimates the broken deal was worth about $20 million to Apple and $50 million to NBC annually. That’s pretty small by both companies’ standards, but it seems absurd to just stamp out a venue where increasing numbers of people prefer to get their Heroes or The Office fix.

screenshot12.jpegSo where do you plan to get your NBC? From the network’s site? From BitTorrent? The new and its affiliates? Your DVR? Appointment TV? Or maybe you’re sick of it all and think you have better things to do with your life. Let us know in the comments.

Update: NBC answers back again. New episodes from existing shows will be available through December. (paidContent)