On Mice

The Mighty Mouse. Loved and hated, this little gadget looks like nothing else around. (I, personally, am firmly in the love-it camp; I’ll say that right now.)

But mice are a very idiosyncratic kind of thing; unlike any other peripheral, the mouse is the one that the average user spends the most time using. Because they literally have to fit the user, there are seemingly more tweaks and features than anything else offers. As for the Mighty Mouse – while I like the lack of buttons, using only right- and left-click, may people complain about a lack of configurable buttons. I, personally, don’t need a way to set the side buttons to something else, and more buttons than four or five are, in my opinion at least, overkill. And I love the aesthetics and long battery life.

But, as I said, that’s me. What do you need in a mouse? If Apple redesigns the Mighty Mouse to match the new keyboards, what would you want to see? (Aluminum? More buttons?)


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