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Friday Afternoon Vid-Biz Headlines

Thailand Opens Access to YouTube; Thailand says YouTube will block clips from playing within the country that the government says break local laws. Google “would not comment on whether it would also block culturally sensitive material that did not directly break laws.” (Financial Times)

Online Video Watchers are Old? study finds 69 percent of viewers “are ages 35 and older with a preference for viewing news clips online.” (

Comcast Says It Doesn’t Block BitTorrent; contrary to reports from last week. (Compiler)

Jacked Raises $6.5 Million for online applications to run alongside TV shows, starting with sports. (paidContent, site)

Sony Introduces First Video Walkman; to be available in September. (Reuters)

SplashCast Introduces New Player; good way to aggregated text, video, and audio into an easily distributable presentation. (company blog)