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Verizons Use Of Bob Marley Endorsement, Not License: Estate

The family of Bob Marley have announced they will file a lawsuit to stop a deal between Verizon and Universal Music Group to sell ringtones from the catalog of the reggae singer. Chris Blackwell, a longtime spokesman for the Marley family, was approached by Verizon a few months ago. “While Verizon proposed the deal as a matter of simply licensing the music, Mr. Blackwell said, the family held that if the cellular company was going to provide the ring tones exclusively and use Mr. Marley

One Response to “Verizons Use Of Bob Marley Endorsement, Not License: Estate”

  1. Joe Shade

    I understand it may confuse some people, but not everyone is motivated by money. If you look at Mr. Marley's career, you'll see that not all of his actions, particularly later in his career, were based upon profit.