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Google Rationale For Deal With Wires: "Duplicate Detection"

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Google (NSDQ: GOOG) has cut a deal with four wire services (our detailed post below), and now gives the rationale of the deal on Google News’ official blog here: “If many of those stories [in Google News] are actually the exact same article, it can end up burying those different perspectives. Enter

2 Responses to “Google Rationale For Deal With Wires: "Duplicate Detection"”

  1. Is it fair for AP to charge small newspapers for their content [they're supposed to be 'non-profit'] only to see them pushed off Google News so AP itself gets that page view – and gets paid for it on top of that?

    A few hundred pages a day doesn't mean anything to AP, but it might to their customer/members. In an interview with AP's Media Director, I was told the members were OK with AP's agreement with Google Corp. and that it was actually in place last Dec. He stated that the decision to block other stories was Google's and that AP had "nothing to do with that". What a coincidence it took place on the very day they start displaying AP's stories and why would AP not enforce a contract that had been in place nearly a year before?