VoIP, Comm Eating Enterprise Bandwidth


[qi:90] VoIP and other Communications technologies are the main driver of bandwidth consumption in the enterprise, according to a survey conducted by Network General, a QoS company. Nearly 80 percent of respondents expect the network traffic from all their communications applications to increase during the next 12 months.

This should be good news for companies selling hardware to the enterprises, with Cisco Systems (CSCO) as one of the primary beneficiaries since they sell everything from switches to PBX systems to handsets and wireless infrastructure devices.




I can’t see the relation between 80% of VoiP expectation and this graph.

Moshe Maeir

I wonder if when they say VoIP they actually mean Skype. After all Skype is P2P and they use your computer as a node, whether you are talking or not.


Wait until enterprises start using virtual worlds internally and externally to collaborate.

Daniel Golding

Om, this is highly unlikely unless the firms are counting call center VOIP traffic. IMs, VOIP, etc are very small traffic streams. Even a full quality, non-compressed VOIP bitstream WITH control information is less than 96kbps. Usually far far less, due to compression and silence suppression.

IM is tiny. Its just small strings of text in minimal wrappers.

Almost any amount of video, or even normal file sharing will always swamp VOIP.

Of course, if you run a QOS company, you want it to look like there’s congestion!

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