Funding: Solarcentury Raises $27.2M


Solarcentury Holdings, a London-based supplier of solar photovoltaic systems, says it has raised 13.5 million British pounds ($27.2 million) led by Zouk Ventures and Good Energies, and including Vantania Holdings Limited, Foursome Investments, VantagePoint Venture Partners and Scottish and Southern Energy.

The funding round — the company’s fourth — will be used to help further expansion in Europe, according to a release posted on Solarcentury’s Web site. In May 2006, the company raised 5.5 million pounds ($11.1 million) from VantagePoint Venture Partners and Scottish and Southern Energy PLC, which included the conversion of a 1.4-million-pound ($2.82 million) investor loan to equity. Solarcentury was founded in 1998.


Timereta Eria

It’s a very exciting challenge to learn and know how the LED from the solar with the provisions from the system can economize vast expenses in a long term and save our planet earth from the climate change annihilation.

Hope to see your goals include low island nations with copra and fish as their main source of income, like Kiribati: to be included too.

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