Interview About N-Gage: Jaakko Kaidesoja

PocketGamer has interviewed Jaakko Kaidesoja, Director of Play New Experience Multimedia at Nokia, about the new N-Gage service. It turns out the at the 6-10 euro price range will be dependent on location: the games will cost 6 euros (US$8.20) in emerging markets while developed markets will get charged 10 euros (US$13.70). Nokia is also open to the idea of other companies (operators, publishers and so on) distributing the games themselves, at whatever price point they think is appropriate. “Clearly, the reference market is the mobile game market. We don’t want to compare it with DS and PSP. They’re doing a great job on their turf, and our turf is the mobile gaming market. Our closest competitor is the VCAST service in the US where they’re charging $10 for games.”

On the new features which are enabled by the platform, Kaidesoja said that people will “start seeing the real value of the platform by the middle of next year…It takes nine months to a year to really start getting the most out of a platform”.

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