Wednesday Afternoon Vid-Biz Headlines


U.K. iTunes Now Selling TV; includes Disney and Viacom programs. (iVirtua Community, release)

YouTube to Remove Nazi Videos; follows on publicity for complaints from activist groups in Germany. (Bloomberg)

Netflix Records Strong Streaming Video Growth; sees 10 million total views since January, with 5 million of them in the last six weeks. (release)

More Flash Versions of IPTV Apps; developer Paul Yanez, who we’ve covered before for his Joost web app, now has Babelgum and Apple TV as well. (via email)

Home Surveillance via Webcam; sounds simple enough to hack together, but HomeCamera makes it easy to check out what’s happening at your house by snapping a pic and sending it to your mobile phone. (release)

Ziddio Invites Comics to Enter Online; The Lucky 21 offers trip to Vegas and chance to win money. (Punchline Magazine, site)

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