VideoEgg Overlaying Ads in Strange Places

VideoEgg is running consumer electronics ads for customers like Canon and Hewlett-Packard next to some interesting videos, including an awful-looking explosives accident in Iraq, on the entertainment portion of Corey Kronengold, who works for VideoEgg competitor Tremor Media, calls out the company in a post on Online Video Watch today.


We’re not saying anything bad’s going on — obviously users of the site apparently think these videos are entertaining, so they might very well be receptive to overlaid advertising — but the juxtaposition is a bit strange. The advertisers ostensibly approved the placement, though we’re not sure why they’d want to be popped over an ad making fun of what looks to be a serious explosives accident.

As Kronengold writes,

[T]his isn’t the type of content you’d normally associate with traditional brand advertisers. Worse still, the HP post-roll ads are a minute long and running against clips that are 4 and 10 seconds long.

VideoEgg (which has seriously softened the language on its homepage since teasing YouTube for copying its ad formats last week) assures potential customers, “All content is reviewed by real people before any ads are served ensuring all content is safe.” We’ve asked the company to comment on these particular ad placements, and will update when we hear back.


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