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NewCo finally gets a name: Hulu

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News Corp. and NBC Universal have finally announced the name for their much talked about NewCo online video effort: Hulu. CEO Jason Kilar explains the reasons why they picked the name.

Why Hulu? Objectively, Hulu is short, easy to spell, easy to pronounce, and rhymes with itself. Subjectively, Hulu strikes us as an inherently fun name, one that captures the spirit of the service we’re building. Our hope is that Hulu will embody our (admittedly ambitious) never-ending mission, which is to help you find and enjoy the world’s premier content when, where and how you want it.

The company is going to go into a private beta in October 20078. Starting today, however, you can sign up for the private beta. The company recently raised $100 million in investment from private equity firm of Providence Equity Partners. (Also, Center Networks has more information.)

27 Responses to “NewCo finally gets a name: Hulu”

  1. hulu will be a household word in a few months and a verb after that. “I hulued last night with some friends and a case of beer.” There will be no dance or hoop involved.

  2. it is a 4 letter word, the second letter is u. one part of it is where you take a leak. the other sounds like a UN organisation, or better, distinctly chinese. while you are at it, and your mum calls, your girlfriend picks the phone, she is most likely to say “who, loo”…

  3. What is the most important in the ad supported Internet TV space is content and HULU will have some of the most desirable content that on TV and possibly movies .

    As long as Hulu make the content easily accessible (it has to be easier to get than pirated content ) then they will win the TV “piracy” battle it also needs to be in one place and not a series of branded websites like is currently the case .

    At the moment Joost is still the leader in the space and if News Corp and NBCU are smart they should also sign Joost up as a distributor of their Hulu content then I can find all my content in one place ;)

  4. I’m really looking forward to the launch of Hula. I think anything that has this much weight behind it is going to make a splash.

    I just hope that it creates a fun environment where a new bread of digital artists and independent producers, directors, writers and actors can create viral videos and earn more than just a living. We need more market places that we can share online videos and be rewarded for our work. Hopefully Hula will be such a place.