Gyminee – Track workouts & weight loss on your iPhone



The iPhone is consistently being used in other areas besides simple phone calling and messaging.

Web-based health and fitness tracking website, Gyminee, has adapted their web application’s interface to work perfectly with the iPhone.

Now when you go to the gym you can take your iPhone with you to help keep track of your work out along with some other snazzy features:

  • Exercise demonstration – Watch short videos that cover how to do certain excercises
  • Weigh-ins – Quickly enter your weight for the application to track
  • Cardio Progress – Record details such as distance, time, and calories burned
  • Excercise Library – If you’re getting bored with the same exercises, fire up the Exercise Library to access a slew of new things to try out

Right now Gyminee is in a private beta but is constantly adding new users and will be opening up for the public soon.

Andy from Gyminee was kind enough to give me 10 30 invites to hand out to folks, so if you would like an invite in to the private beta just let me know in the comments area. The first 10 30 people to respond that they want one will get one.

UPDATE: Andy from Gyminee is hooking us up even more. We now have a total of 30 invites to hand out. :)

UPDATE: I’m now officially out of invites. Each person that got one of the invites will also have their own invites to give out (I think they’ll have 5 or 10)…so if you got an invite feel free to post in the comments about sending more to others here.


marcus ashford

Sounds great. I’d really like to try this. I’d use it, too


Travis, help the brother out with an invite please, ajcowell at mac dot com. Thanks!


Maybe we can have everyone that got one of the 10–give 1 or 2 invites back to Josh to redistribute when/if they get invites themselves.

Travis Vocino

I use Nike+ as well. You’d think they would have built some kind of integration with iPhone. That would indeed be good times.

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