Funding News: Propel Biofuels


Propel Biofuels, a Seattle-based startup that is building public biodiesel fueling sites, has raised $4.75 million in its Series A round of funding from @Ventures and Nth Power, the company announced on Wednesday. @Ventures led the round and was joined by local business investors including Andrew Stout, founder of Full Circle Farms; Ronny Bell, founder of Pioneer Organics; Barry Barr, founder of KAVU; and Jack Rafn, founder of RAFN Construction.

Founder Rob Elam told us that the company plans to spend the funding on expanding its network of fueling stations; Propel will launch the first of its fueling stations out of beta within a couple months. Earlier this year Propel received a loan from Imperium Renewables (a large Seattle-based biodiesel producer which recently filed for an IPO) partly in exchange for an agreement to sell some of Imperium’s biofuel.

Update: Rob Day, principal at @Ventures, says to us in an email that “fueling locations are a critical missing link in the biofuels supply chain right now.” Day thinks that Propel’s solution makes it easy for independent gas station owners that are looking to offer a green fueling solution, with low upfront costs and low risk. We also wrote about Kris Moller’s Conserv Fuel station, which offers biofuels in Southern California.


Exodus Kilanko

Dear Sir,
We are proud to go into business relationship with your good self.

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Mr Friday Joseph Okonedo



This is Bushmen Palm Product Company located in the republic of Guinea Conakry .
Our office head quarter is located at :

Rue de College,Quartier Tatagui 2
Commune Urbain De Forecariah
Region De Kindia
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Our operation sites are:
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We are an agro industry in the area of planting seeds, production of palm kernel oil and palm oil.
Considering the world’s new direction towards Bio fuels, Bio diesel, Bio energy, we deem it very important to be a party to this new and safe invention for a better and secured environment.

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We also have another land of 600 hecters of land that we propose for Jathropa and sunflower farming in a zone where there is a constant temperature for such plant and we need serious partners and possible funding if any exists for this available projects.

We want to seriously contribute in the new wave of biofuels and biodiesel trade for a better and cleaner world.
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Mr Friday Joseph Okonedo.M.
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