Updated: Yahoo: Coleman Out; Schneider Heading Sales; Weiner Adds To Portfolio; BermanBraun Exits

Updated: The reorg is larger, as people have been expecting: As reported this morning as a rumor on Valleywag, Greg Coleman, EVP of Global Sales, is out, and his duties shift over to Hilary Schneider, reports Kara in a follow-up to her earlier report (below). Schneider is already the EVP of Local Markets & Commerce Division and Yahoo! Publisher Network. Meanwhile, Jeff Weiner is taking over a major chunk of divisions Schneider had under her, including purview over shopping, travel, autos, real estate and local. They will all now be part of the Network division.

Updated 2: The full internal memo about the reorg is here.

Original post: Yahoo (Nsdq: YHOO) has lost another exec to production studio BermanBraun, according to Kara Swisher at AllThingsD, in a piece that forecasts more departures for the internet company as it nears the midway point of CEO Jerry Yang’s self-imposed 100-day overhaul. Mike Weetman, CFO of Yahoo


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