Diebold Gets Mobile Banking Patents


ATM company Diebold (best known for the PR disaster that was its electronic voting machines) has scored some patents relating to mobile phones interacting with ATMs. One of the features cited by Information Week is the ability to find nearby ATMs, which I find hard to believe is new and innovative enough to justify a patent — there’s plenty of ways to find plenty of things with mobile phones. However, on the patents: “The first patent allows mobile phones to interact directly with ATMs and bank systems for cash withdrawals, with protection against card-skimming or personal identification number surfing at ATMs. Another allows mobiles to work at checkouts or banks to pay payments via secure electronic checks…The third patent allows bank networks to receive wireless communications from mobile phones for account information. The fourth allows bank ATMs to communicate with mobile devices through a cellular network or other wireless methods. The fifth patent allows users to interact with ATMs through the wireless device’s display and keypad instead of the display and keypad on the ATM.” The strength these patents have is that Diebold makes a lot of ATMs, so has a natural use for these over third-party technologies.

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